Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two years since "I do"

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary! Glory to God! A little background on us: we met on e-harmony in early March 2008, emailed for several weeks, Ryan came down from Show Low to meet me and have our first date on March 28th, we "stuck" and from that point forward we saw each other every single weekend (lots and lots of miles put on our cars going between Show Low and Tempe!), were engaged in August and married 5 months later on January 16th 2009! Only 9 months total from the first email to saying "I do"! God had us on the fast track and we were ready :)

Anyways.....we're not really fully celebrating until next weekend when we get to head up north and stay in a friend's time share. Ooooh I can't wait! But tonight we did a little celebrating by getting cupcakes from Sprinkles, watching our wedding video and reading our vows to each other.

It was fun to remember that gorgeous, jubilant, perfect day. Aaaah! So great! :) It truly was a dream wedding. And it was deeply meaningful- surrounded by three pastors who have been influential in our lives, as we made a covenant centered on Jesus, with our beloved friends and family sharing in our joy.

Tonight we also marveled at what can happen in just two years: We both changed jobs and we both had surgeries, we battled infertility, got pregnant, suffered the loss of that precious baby, traveled to some gorgeous places in AZ and CA, said goodbye to friends who moved very far away, made some new friends along the way, and made preparations to buy a house in this new year.  Not to mention all the ways our relationship has grown and changed and how much we've learned about being husband and wife. I know one thing for sure- enduring a tragedy together certainly bonds you in a much deeper way than anything else can.

All glory to God for his grace on us through the ups and downs of these last two years. Thank you Lord for being patient with us as we've failed and for being a good teacher as we're eager to learn how to do this better. Thank you for giving us laughter and things to enjoy even in the midst of our devastating loss. Our marriage only exists because of God's sustaining power. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be Ryan's wife and to see Jesus through him in the ways that are revealed uniquely through Ryan. I never imagined someone would serve me, sacrifice for me and love me like this. My husband is an undeserved gift and I know God more because of that.

Here's a bit of that happy day- two years ago- and may we continuously look to God to sustain us and grow us in the many years of marriage ahead of us!

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  1. Beautiful wedding. Happy 2 years!!