Friday, January 21, 2011

2nd Honeymoon

This evening we're heading up north to celebrate our 2nd anniversary- which my husband keeps accidentally calling our honeymoon. I think it's cute :) We're going here:
Bison Ranch near Overgaard, which is about an hour north of Payson. We have friends who own a time share with a company that has locations all over the country and they very graciously let us use the friends and family deal which means we only pay about $40 a night for a super nice condo. We definitely couldn't afford the standard hotel and restaurants type of vacation- so going the cheap route at $40 bucks a night and cooking our own food is a great deal for us. Thanks Steve and Teah!

I'm hoping there's still some snow up there cuz I'm hankering to build a snow man with my hubby :) But...with temps in the 40's and 50's I'm thinking it's all gonna be melted.

Been thinking about baby a lot and how I had imagined we'd be celebrating this anniversary with our little one growing bigger and bigger in my tummy.

I'm so sick of trying to get pregnant. Almost 2 years of the ups and downs every single month is draining me. Not sure what that means. I wish I could just get pregnant the normal way and have a normal pregnancy and healthy baby. I want to be able to go on with our lives like everyone else around us is. It's like we're stuck on pause or something. Every month is the same, over and over and over. We can't afford to do another IUI, though I'd love to give that another try. We're in the process of looking for a home to buy, so it'll be at least until we're moved and settled there that we could have the funds for another IUI probably. That means at least 6 months from now. Ug. It makes me so worn out to think about it. So part of me is even thinking about looking again at doing foster care and just not having all the focus be on trying to get pregnant. I dunno! That's a whole separate post!

We have lots to discuss on our trip this weekend and I'm really looking forward to quiet time together in a pretty place with yummy food :) We're bringing steak, yummy cheeses and wine and olives and yummy snacks from Trader Joe's. Pictures to follow :)


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