Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our time away

Our anniversary trip was wonderful! It was over so quick and we definitely didn't want to come back home. Two days is just long enough to finally start to feel really relaxed and your mind actually disconnects from work stuff......and then before you know it the weekend is over and it's time for the daily grind to start again. Boo.

There was still about 6 inches of snow on the ground, but it was too old and icy to make a snow man like I had wanted to do. Oh well. Saturday was the perfect winter day- around 50 degrees, no wind, totally sunny = awesome! We took a nice drive and pulled off where we saw this little creek. The photos speak for themselves. We caught the ice and the water at that magical in between phase of melting and creaking and flowing again. The sounds of the cracking, groaning, creaking, sagging ice were incredible! We were totally marveling over God's creativity in creation.

Yes, that's me poking the ice with a stick like I'm 5 years old again :)

We were grateful for time away to just play and have fun together, to rest and be lazy, to indulge on artichoke dip and chocolate lava cake ;), to reflect on our two years of marriage and talk about the future. I'm amazed at how love can grow and mature- and I'm so thankful to be the wife of my husband.



  1. congratulations!! looks like it was fun, it is always nice to find a way to be a kid again.

  2. I'm catching up on the last few posts. Happy Anniversary! It was a dream wedding and I was so happy to get to celebrate that day with you two.

    I love the first pic of you two!

    keep writing from your heart!