Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sooner than expected

Today was our visit to the doctor for all the tests. Everything looked good actually. And we were surprised to hear from the doctor that we're ready to do the IUI this Saturday! I wasn't expecting it would be that soon at all.

The ultrasound showed that the fertility drugs have done their job well and there were several follicles on each ovary that were big enough and ready enough to pop eggs soon. And then the two other tests were totally clear and positive and showed that there are no growths or abnormalities inside my uterus or with my fallopian tubes. Ryan was with me during all of that, holding my hand, and watching it all on the screen (it looks like an x-ray image) as they pointed everything out and what the doctor was seeing. He's getting quite the education on the female system! All of the results were great news and helps us have more of a complete picture of how my body is operating and what we have to work with. I think since I was distracted by the discomfort the tests were causing that it took me awhile to realize that it actually was a big relief to know that they didn't find anything bad. Praise God for that!

So to time everything just right to be ready for the insemination on Saturday Ryan had the honor of giving me the "trigger shot" tonight- an injection with the hormones to cause my body to ovulate and make those ripe follicles release the eggs. It's pretty amazing how the doctors can calculate everything and utilize the drugs just right to try to create the most ideal environment for conception to occur. It's amazing and also weird at the same time. Yes, all of this does feel very strange. And we remember that we can do all of this and yet the miracle of conception and that moment of life is only in the hands of God as Creator. So we're waiting on Him. My body is His and our dreams of conceiving are His.

Once we do the IUI on Saturday then we'll have to wait 2 weeks- a very looooong 2 weeks- until we can take a pregnancy test and see what happened. Like I said last time, I'm bracing myself for a disappointment, while also trying to have some hope that this could possibly work.

This is a lot to go through, physically and emotionally, and I'm really feeling that today. Ryan's taken care of me and we've just laid low at home as I have not felt good at all. My body feels yuck from the procedures and the enlarged follicles and I'm ready to have this part of the process over with. And emotionally, well, I think it's too late and I'm too tired to even put that part in to words.

Off to bed now. Thanks for tracking with me. More updates to come. Pray, pray, pray for Saturday!


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  1. Oh Carrie!
    Thank you for inviting me to share in your journey. I have been wondering and praying for you for some time. You are on my heart...
    Stephanie W