Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blood test tomorrow

Alas, I could not have the blood test done over the weekend so tomorrow will be the day. But pretty much everyone we've talked to has said- if the home test was positive, then it really means you're pregnant. But still, the blood test will be the ultimate proof in our book and then we'll really unleash the celebration!

Most of our sentences the last two days have started with "So, if you ARE pregnant....." or "Ok, if I really am pregnant..." and then we dare to wander in to the world of baby. It's just so crazy we can barely believe it!

A lesson learned has been that this process of waiting really never ends. Ug. Waiting to get pregnant. Waiting for my period to start. Waiting for the next doctor's appointment. Waiting for the ovulation meds to work. Waiting for the IUI. Waiting to take the pregnancy test. Waiting for the blood test. Waiting for the first trimester to pass safely. Waiting to give birth. Waiting for everything!!!!!

And I only come through as a sane woman because Jesus is with me and I can sense him here and he carries me through.

Not sure if we'll get the blood test results right away or if we'll have to wait- so I'll post as soon as we have those results.


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