Friday, November 4, 2011

A post about the conference- finally

We attended the Together for Adoption Conference last month and ya.....I never wrote a post about it. I had so many thoughts and convictions and we learned so much and my heart was so impacted- but I just don't feel like it's something I'm going to pour out on here. It's stuff that's still going on between me and the Lord, ya know? So instead I thought I'd post some of the great resources that came out of the conference. And- I'll mention that the majority of the teaching at the conference was focused on our adoption in Christ and the beauty of the Gospel viewed through that lens. The break out sessions were more focused on specific, practical adoption issues. So overall we thought it was a great balance of great Gospel teaching by some stellar preachers and some real nuts and bolts about issues in adoption we will most likely deal with.

Here is a great summary of a break-out session about trans-racial adoption by Vermon Pierre, pastor of Roosevelt Community Church here in Phoenix and adoptive dad-
Trans-racial adoption: Vermon Pierre

There were several videos they showed of a few families' adoption stories and others that hi-lighted work among orphans in certain countries and I'm pretty sure every single one of them made me cry. This one in particluar speaks so much beautiful gospel-truth!
Stewart Family adoption story video

This guy was a great note taker! There were several "feature bloggers" who I guess it was their whole job just to take really good notes and form them in to blog posts. So thankful they did that because my own notes lagged a bit at times. Here he links to his notes from all the main sessions- the ones with the really stellar preachers I mentioned earlier. Such good stuff!!
Main session notes


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