Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deja vu

Not much to report about our appointment at the fertility clinic today. Sorta funny- it was a situation where all of us could have said to each other "I was hoping to never see you again" and mean it in the nicest way possible. I love this doctor so much and again today she proved why. She was so sorry about our loss and also so hopeful about us getting pregnant again. Obviously she doesn't know what will actually happen, but the warm, encouraging and upbeat way she talks to us and approaches our treatment just exudes hope and optimism. (I've told the story before, but this is exactly opposite from the first specialist we saw who made us feel like we'd never get pregnant.) She's so sensitive and empathetic and even said she was sorry that I had to talk about the details of the miscarriage again. And then she gave me a hug on our way out! Awww warm fuzzies for our sweet doctor :) I was thanking the Lord that he has given her the abilities and knowledge that she has in this field and also for the tender heart he gave her for her patients. (If you live in the Phoenix area and need a reproductive endocrinologist please ask me for her info because I couldn't recommend her more highly!)

Anyway- since it was my first miscarriage and there aren't any additional problems besides the endometriosis, plus the fact that I actually did get pregnant from that first IUI, we all agreed it just made sense to do the exact same process again- same meds and same procedure. She said "This is just deja vu for you guys" and boy is she right. So weird to be back in this place again. At least this time I know what to expect as far as the procedure and waiting process goes.

I asked if there was any way they could offer any sort of help with the costs (it never hurts to ask!) and she got us a voucher for the Femara (the ovulation meds). Score. Every little bit helps! Our insurance doesn't cover infertility treatments, but this doctor is also out of network so even labs and ultrasounds have been out of pocket for us. BUT....when we were checking out with the finance lady she said that just a few days ago they started taking our insurance! They were still setting it up apparently though and she wasn't totally sure what could get covered or how it was going to work. But she was going to submit it and so we'll see how that works out.

Oh and none of this is even going to happen until my cycle next month- so it'll still be awhile till all the excitement happens.


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